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we now have a more permanant address and can adapt more plans and services for this area, please bare with us we are still trying to get straight and we are very busy!

any one interested in meditation/relaxation/skills sessions which will include learning to hang wallpaper,painting,basic diy,bike fixing and other please email your interest and availability so we have an idea of what days and times to form a group!

we are also planning cooking on a budget, educating adults and children to cook nutritious meals on £5 or less a qualified fitness instructor will educate on all aspects of eating,cooking and dieting.this is in the pipeline now we are just confirming dates.

and other ideas we plan to have a suggestion box so call in and write it down and we will see if its possible.

rooms will be available to hire space for one to two hours on certain days and times for counsellors or anyone doing beauty or along those lines.

we will be running sensory sessions so again any interest please email us of which best days and times are for you and we will see if we can get the started,we have dark dens,fidget toys,lighting.

we are also planning homework and revision sessions or just quiet time for children one day a week after school.they can get their homework sorted,grab a bite to eat for a minimal cost and unwind before heading home.children or parents interested in this we need you to sign consent forms so you know exactly where your child is.

we are also planning film nights,sweets and treats will be on offer at a reasonable price!

specials days we will also be selling chosen hot or cold food one or two days a week at dinner this will be soon and date will be advertised in our window and on facebook and twitter.

hot takeaway drinks will also be served at a reasonable cost!

shop openeing times are

monday 10.30-3pm

tuesday 10.30-3

wednesday closed

thursday 10.30-3pm

friday 10.30-3pm

saturday 10.30-2pm

sunday closed

on days or times some rooms may not be being used we are offering other services to possibly rent! please contact for more info Thank you!


we take donations during opening times and on mondays and thursdays we have benefit advice/support/evictions/housing etc and we ask you contact beforehand for appointment slots so you have a space to be seen to.

our contact address is 85 winter hey lane


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