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I urge all Bolton AT Home Tenants to arrange a home safety check with your local fire and rescue service. I know for a fact that repairs are not being done but tenants are being charged. I also know when kitchen and bathrooms were done some have experienced issues with the lighting in the property which could be the wiring. BAH have been contacted on several occasions and either haven’t put it through as an emergency or they have come out and not done a thorough check. This has continued for a few year at one property for definite regarding lighting. The top landing light and bathroom light blew again on recently and BAH were contacted¬†on Monday. It was stated by tenant the seriousness and that it wasn’t the first time. They stated on the phone it was urgent and someone would be out that day. No one came out!!! They were then contacted again on the Tuesday and someone came and fixed them (this guy was very helpful and even checked a job which was logged in over 12 month ago on a security light) which was never done. The pictures attached to this post is a result of maybe faulty wiring and need to be checked properly ASAP this can cause a fire and BAH could potentially be breaking the law and putting lives in danger. They are not putting all jobs through to save money even though there was an 8 million pound profit made last year!!! The most recent pic with the tubing rested on the shade is the day after it was fixed and has shot out from the ceiling and landed on the bathroom floor!!

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