Poverty and Austerity

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What is this i hear some say,

However could this happen in our day?

People hungry and homeless are you sure,

Why are they suffering is there a cure?

Then some are living it day by day,

trying their best to find their way.

Some stumbled along the Horwich Hub,

and they now know they are welcomed with love.

They are listened to supported however we can

and offered and guided along with our “helping hands”.

Together we can make positive change and give them a rainbow where there was once only rain.

Unity Is Strength and together we are Strong!

we know we are not alone!

Coming together to give hope.

Love is a magical thing,

And the difference to lives is Amazing!

Each day is different but we are there all it takes is some time to care.

Pay forward the good in life and be there where you can,

you know its right!

Listen to those around you and the struggles they have,

It costs nothing to do but can save a life!

So lets come together and give some back their pride!

No one should go without food for theirselves or loved ones,

or to feel they are in a rut they can never get out!

replace sadness with happiness and dissolve the doubt!

Food is a necessity and not a luxury,how did this happen these times of Austerity?

Poverty increasing just show you care.

We have brought the living of victorian times in todays day and age and for this to be like it is many are outraged!

Advanced with technology yet suffer like we do, rationing food,bills overdue!

Here are some statistics of how many have benefited in the last few months due to a little of what we offer!


Food on offer and amount benefited!


January 63 people in a month

February 71 people in a month

March 69 in a month

April 58 in a month

May 73 in a month

June 85 in a month

July 103 in a month

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