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It’s unfortunate that in this day and age people still rely on food banks. What’s worse is that some food banks don’t even provide to those that really need them. We have a food bank based in Horwich for the community which other food banks have turned away. This is a stop gap support service which will help those that have been sanctioned, have a break or change in their benefits, debts that can’t afford to eat, or are coming out of a relationship which has caused them to lose what they previously owned. Assessments are done to ensure that you correctly receive from this service and can’t misuse it, but it is here for those that need it.

If you can’t afford to eat it’s not uncommon that you struggle to pay for gas and electric too. If topping up your meter has become almost impossible for you we want to help. The vulnerable, elderly and those with children cannot live without their heating so we will offer aid to help you pay for your gas and electric until the situation improves.


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