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The benefits of encouraging creativity are well documented. One of our goals is to help get your children interested in being creative, so we offer classes in art and sewing. We also offer these sessions to adults, and we highly recommend them to people struggling with substance addictions. Our sewing classes use material donated by the community to create items which can then be given back to the community or donated to those in need. This gives you or your children a valuable life skill, while also allowing you to feel good about helping the local community. If learning to sew is a struggle we also offer knitting classes so you can still create the great fashion you always dreamt of.

We also offer cooking classes for both children and adults to teach the valuable life skill of cooking. Cooking is often looked at as a daunting task but it’s actually quite fun, and science has shown that eating a healthy balanced diet can help reduce your stress and anxiety levels, whilst giving you more energy to do what matters to you. We also teach you how to shop on a budget so that you never spend more than you need on your food.

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