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well we never thought this day would come :-) but it has and everyones support over the years has been incredible.the vision to house several community services and sessions under one roof has finally become a reality! we had to put several things on hold because we couldnt accomodate but now we can. thank you to our new landlords for supporting us with this and amazing support and references from previous landlords and all a part of this in all you do for us.


our new address this coming week !st may 2017 is


85 winter hey lane horwich BL67NZ

we are finally where we need to be and have somewhere we can call home to do the work we do!


very exciting times ahead and i am sure you are excited as we are as you have seen this grow over the years and all we have achieved, by coming together as a community and other businesses and “grass root” groups/ causes/ organisations ¬†where we need to make magic happen through the power of love <3


so please join us and call in to see what our future plans are extending on from what we already do!

please keep checking our website for an updated timetable which wont be long


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