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we are seeing an increase on children with behavioural difficulties having issues in school environments, we have also noticed if this isnt acted on within primary school years behaviour and difficulties the child and parents face can be traumatic for all, affect health,education and could result in self medicating and going down the criminal route! here is one case which is ongoing but getting positive support and outcome now

schools are there to encourage and support whatever issue there is it should be aknowledged and acted on for positive results!

any one facing problems in school with either exclusions,challenging behaviour,getting the right support in place then contact us by phone 07591024193

or via email

you can be advised of what steps to take or we can act as support on your behalf we have many who have different skills and experience and more parents are coming forward who feel they need advice,

we also fully support parent partnership amd the amazing work and support they give so here are their details too


Lowndes Street
Greater Manchester

01204 848722

 please dont suffer in silence with any school issues together as a network it can be resolved for a positive outcome!

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