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One in a million

Horwich is a magical town. It doesn’t have any wizards or castles but it certainly has some of the most amazing people living in it. During my work on these projects you have shown me that unity is strength and love, and you have all shown me that through dedication and hard work we can make things happen. When you have been knocked down by people you always get back up and stand tall and proud, and you always learn from what you have done, for that I say thank you.

Lets move forward and leave the negative ones behind, moving forward with us like-minded positive people who believe that everyone is equal and want to make change happen. Change won’t happen if we don’t take action but most of you are fully aware of this already and that’s why you are magical. You are all empowering and every day I work with you, my mind is blown at the unity and strength you all show. You are one in a million Horwich, let’s keep it that way.


I’ve spoken to a lot of you recently and most of you are sick of the hardships thrown at us by the failing government services and problems caused by those that are negative, but you have all said the same thing: ‘Change is coming’. Some of you have been knocked back and learnt from it, others have seen it from the start but you must all continue the hard work you are doing and we will continue to help you all. It’s incredible what you all do and keep doing it because it’s amazing!

The donations have been coming in thick and fast, and we have taken your love and donated it to other people less fortunate than yourselves. We now have a food bank which we give to those that need it and can also offer to pay electricity and gas to the vulnerable during winter times. Horwich has had enough of being treated badly and unfairly and we’ve had enough of those free loading from our town to line your own pockets, make sure you stand up and make your voice heard Horwich! Big changes are coming all for the better, and we couldn’t do it without you.

I’m so proud to call this town my home.

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