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We can help

7 evictions already prevented from the services we offer and there are more!!!!

Cuts, sanctions, services centralised, poverty,paperwork not being sent for tenants to fill out to prevent it theirselves. Why? 7 evictions that’s one a month for the last 7 month we have been registered. That’s just one service we offer. We would have 7 homeless families if that wasn’t what we can offer to this community along with other extended support. Where would they have slept? Who would have taken them in?would the kids have gone in care? These services are needed here and it shows with what has been dealt with here rather than people here visiting the next town and quite often declining them.


Busy Week this week but ended on an absolute high after two days thrashing it out in court on an eviction. Deliberate focus on nothing more than tunnel vision on making this family homeless. It proved that this tenant was in a better position to change this situation. There was no compromise from this housing association but this judge was a good judge and wanted some missing pieces filling in to explain past and present. So we did we were aware they would d pull another trick out the bag to continue for warrant of execution so we planned ahead too. Jay Brad attended court with us today and after being thrashed out again in court with no compromise from claimant the judge granted in favour of our client they keep the house. What a great day this is I also attended court regarding payments with another case this morning and we whooped that too. Yoo-hoo!

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