How You Can Help

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that all things require money. This is why we must ask for donations to help fund our projects. Most of our projects can be self-funded through sales of some of our goods but the money has to start from somewhere. If you can’t afford to donate any money we also accept almost any item – just contact us to arrange a delivery. Please give what you can.

Your donation will help fund our projects and make Horwich a better place. You could be saving the life of a vulnerable person by paying for their heating this winter, or you could be feeding the homeless, or giving a child a better chance at an education, or giving clothes to those that have none. The list is endless but every penny you raise will allow us to help someone start their life again.

Thank you.

How we help

Poverty and Austerity

What is this i hear some say, However could this happen in our day? People hungry and homeless are you sure, Why are they suffering is there a cure?...

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we haved moved

we now have a more permanant address and can adapt more plans and services for this area, please bare with us we are still trying to get straight and...

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